About Naturally DASH & Dredge

Mission Statement:
To be in the forefront in the Control of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) to keep our lakes pristine for future generation to enjoy as my kids, grandkids and great grand kids have done. We do not want to turn our waterways into swimming pools or destroy are fresh water with chemicals.

AIS have been invading the United States in many ways for decades. The Invading started with the Ocean going ships dumping their bilge water into the St. Lawrence Seaway, was one of the major ways for the spread of AIS. Wild life also has contributed to the spread. In the past ten years AIS has went from a single AIS to now at lease eight varieties and they are all spreading like wild fire to our inland lakes. There is only a hand full of inland lakes in Michigan that have no AIS. Many inland lakes have more than one AIS. AIS are spreading through out the United States at increasing rates.

How can we help?
Education, Education, Education, and Rapid Respond to any new AIS is critical to the eradication of any new AIS that may take over your waterway if left unchecked. Knowing the difference between native and nonnative vegetation in your waterway and reporting the AIS can save your Lakes and a lot of money and may make a difference between being able to eradication the AIS or having to control the AIS long term. The use of Diver Assisted Suction Harvesters (DASH) Boats, early on is a very green method and a method that can eradicate AIS in your waterway if found early and we can respond before it get out of control, Whether it is in doing the suction harvesting or designing and manufacturing of a DASH Boat fore your waterway.

You don’t have an AIS don’t wait until you get one or more. Education needs to be started yesterday and be on the look out they are coming, Starting a lake board is a good way to be ready for its arrival, government works very slowly so get started now. You have one or more AIS don’t wait any longer you have a long road a head. There is several websites that have document their fight with getting AIS in under control. Minnesota and Wisconsin are two very good places to look they both have done a very good job of getting the AIS in under control in their states.

Naturally D.A.S.H. & Dredge Method:
First off we can not do it all. The method we use works very well on areas that are just starting to invade your lake where nothing else works until it grows into several acres.
Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting is a very Green mechanical method of removing AIS. We have several machines that use the same principal. Water is drawn through the foot valve intake assembly into the pump. High pressure clean water is pumped through a high pressure hose into a venturi pipe this process creates a powerful suction. The diver(s) uproots the AIS and place them into the suction hose, which is then discharged through a filter bag where the solid material is separated from the water that goes back into the body of water you’re working on. Only clean water goes through the pump. If a fish or other living marine life is sucked into the suction hose it comes out the discharged unharmed and is returned to the body of water. This principal can also be used in dredging limited distances. If the material you are dredging fits into the suction hose it will be discharged out the other end.

The Venturi effect is the reduction in fluid pressure that results when a fluid flows through a constricted section of pipe. The Venturi effect is named after Giovanni Battista Venturi (1746–1822), an Italian physicist.

Starting very small, using one five Hp motor with 1.5 inch pump with a 3 inch venturi pipe to using Three 23 hp motors with 8 to 12 inch discharge into a 12 inch venture pipe. The system works the same.

Diver Assisted Suction Dredging uses the same principals as Harvesting by adding a couple of steps. First the diver(s) put the suction hose into the material that you want to remove and then run the discharge through the filter bags and by attaching a Hydrocyclone on the discharge unit we can separate sand and muck from the water. Sand and muck staying in a dump box that is on pontoons and water returning back into the body of water it came from.
The principals have been used since the late 1700 for a variety of jobs, but not until the last few years has it been perfected for AIS removal using Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting and or Dredging.

How I got started:
2008 I was the Commodore of Devils Lake Yacht Club (DLYC). Some of the dock holders informed me of a new weed growing in our marina area. After doing some research I found the new weed was Eurasia Water Milfoil (EWM) which is an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) that can over run the Lake and make our marina unusable. The DLYC board ask me to contact the Devils and Round Lake Preservation League (LPL) to see what they were doing and how DLYC could help. I left the meeting owing the LPL $10,000 to add to their $10,000 to do a test on Round Lake using a bug the milfoil weevil. The DLYC Board would not give me any money for the test because the test was going to be in Round Lake. That left me owing the $10,000. I took it on by myself to canvas Round Lake for donation to pay for the test. Three days over the July 4th holiday I collected $9,800 for the test to be done. I ended up being elected President of the LPL. The test on Round Lake went very well. Then the people on Devils Lake want to do a test on their lake. After having a cash raffle the LPL raised enough money to do a test on Devils Lake. The LPL tried to use the weevils and it was to late in the season to do. Then we tried to use chemical treatment and we could not get a permit in time for this year. Then I got on the internet to see what we could do for a test on Devils Lake. I found that in the New England states they used Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH). After several phone calls to the DASH operators in the New England the LPL decided to build a DASH boat and use it for our test. After many different ways to put things together and get very good at taking pumps apart we found the DASH method worked and found the test areas show about a ten percent regrowth rate. I went to a convention in New York State that had most of the DASH people along with all the other means of AIS control. I ended up joining forces with Aquacleaner Environmental to bring the DASH system to Michigan. After two years the joint venture was not working like either one of us like we parted company.

Where are we today?
The AIS are still growing and spreading like wild fire thought out the United States. I cannot hirer enough employees to keep up with the spread of AIS doing the service work myself and the DASH people in New England not wanting to build DASH Boat except for themselves I started to build the boats for who ever wanted them providing everything from the Training to the complete package and support services. I can provide satellite imagining for any place in the world and we can go back in time to 1984 or as sound as eight days and show how the AIS is growing and where buy scanning different dates at a better price using other methods. The DASH Barges We will build range from a neighborhood model with Polyethylene tubes with one motor and pump in the $6,000 range to dredge machine that will range in the $200,000 with an 8’6” X 12’ dump box. I have contacted three Pontoon Boats Manufactures with a total of over 700 dealers that will put the Neighborhood model in their dealer’s showroom. The Neighborhood model can used to remove the floating weeds that they continually rake up and haul away.

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